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What animal are you in the Slavic Horoscope

Nina NordNina Nord
Grizzly Bear

The date of birth likened each person an animal according to the Slavs, as being born on a certain date makes you carriers of certain properties.

Bears are born 10 December to 9 January. These are people who have a great influence on others, but do not take advantage of it. If necessary, they turn the situation to their advantage, without prejudice to other's feelings.

Wolf - from January 10 to February 9. Wolfs guard their territory and do not like those who are trying to take it away. For them, the interests of their family come before their own personal interests. The wolf has many loyal friends.

Crow - 10 February to 9 March. They people easily achieve that which others struggle to for years. They have strong intuition and easily find answers to complex questions. They do not become leaders, but see several moves ahead, so as not to rush into decisions.

Otter - from March 10 to April 9. These are people who feel great strength in themselves. They are always on the move and are convinced of their own righteousness, even when they feel they are on the wrong track. Selfless people, who help anyone in trouble.

Frog - April 10 to May 9. Extreme adaptability to any situation helps these people. They are fast to climb the career ladder and occupy high positions. They get along great with everyone.


Fox - May 10 to June 9. These are happy people, but they are subtle. They are afraid of dangers, so try to avoid them. They leave the work half done, but often achieve more than others, as they return to the job and finish it quickly.

Hamster - June 10 to July 9. Hamsters can work seven days a week and at least fifteen hours a day, coming close to having a jug of coffee. This can be achieved in no time, while others can not o it in months. The hamster is good, and his only bad trait is that he loves to sleep.

Lynx - July 10-August 9. Many sensitive people, who are appropriate for leaders. Their sensitivity makes them vulnerable. They live in a fantasy world and believe that they should have been born a hundred years ago.

Wild boar - August 10 to September 9. Wild boar can rarely be seen without doing work. These people plan their lives days ahead, sometimes months. Ideal for employees.

Moose - 10 September to 9 October. They often make large and sudden changes in their lives. They are fond of children. At work, the moose easily achieves great successes.

Beaver - October 10 to November 9. The need of Beaver for calm and order leads to harmony in his home and in his work. These people are not in a hurry, always calm and confident in their strength.

Dog - November 10 to December 9. It is characterized by it's loyal and fearless approach when it comes to loved ones. The dog always keeps his word and does not strike below the belt.