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It Can`t Be! Flying Bird Photographed on Mars

Plamena M.Plamena M.
Mars Bird

The Curiosity Rover has done something remarkable. It's taken a photo of a bird flying on Mars.

The discovery was made by representatives of the Ufology group Disclose Screen. While analyzing photos captured by the 3rd generation rover, Curiosity, they came upon something unexpected. The images show something unthinkable - a bird flying in the sky.

Data indicates that the mysterious photo was taken by the rover on January 20 this year. The dark object, very reminiscent of a feathery creature, can be seen relatively clearly in the photo.


According to skeptics, it's nothing more than a photographic error. But if we put together all of the so-called errors since Curiosity began operation in August 2012, we see quite a remarkable picture. It certainly doesn't match NASA's official description of the Red Planet.

This isn't the first time that birds in flight have been photographed on Mars. In 2013, photos appeared of 1 large and several smaller flying objects on the Red Planet. They were likened to insects and snapped by the Spirit rover.

Later, the objects were announced to be unmanned apparatuses or living creatures, such as birds, since the largest object looked very similar to a bird in flight.