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The 3 Types of Aries you Can Encounter

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Aries Girl

The horoscope begins with Aries and as the 1st zodiac sign they are born to mark the beginning of things. Not all representatives of the sign share the same characteristics though. They are divided into 3 types, which you can see below.

Aries also tend to be quite an aggressive sign since their sign ruler is Mars - the Roman god of war. In combination with their fiery temper, these individuals never go unnoticed.

Aries are extremely volatile, temperamental and constantly on the move. Their reactions are spontaneous and rash.

Further, they are quite an energetic sign; to find out how the different types of Aries express their energy, take a look below.

1. The Grown-Up Kid


One kind of Aries is the one that bears its youthful spirit its entire life. They're always making jokes, trying to make you laugh and entertaining you with their antics and wisecracks. They love it when they become the heart and soul of a group and make people smile. But just as they're fun, they'll get upset like any small child at their parents if you say or do something that offends them.

2. The Ambitious Leader

The 2nd type of Aries is the purposeful one. As such he is also the most successful representative of this sign because he knows where he's headed and does not let anything confound him. These Aries dream of big achievements and usually reach them because they never give up when they get something on their mind. However, with their competitive spirit they look like they're always arguing and on edge if you don't share their views.

3. The Justice Fighter

The 3rd type of Aries is the kind that cares about others, not just himself. Their blood boils when they see injustices such as discrimination, they are also the ones who defend those who are weaker. They take the initiative and help those who are attacked by the majority. But even though they're brave and heroic, their behavior often paints them as ones who are always poking their nose where it's not welcome, thereby annoying others.