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The 3 Types of Virgo you Can Encounter

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The people from the astrological sign of Virgo are intelligent, organized but also tend to often worry about even the smallest things. Additionally, these earthly individuals can be divided into 3 main types, as listed below.

Those with an ascendant or zodiac sign of Virgo do not blend in well, while most other people would describe them as overly critical and sharp-tongued. They are also very shy, which is why it's difficult to become their friend.

But if you do happen to win them over, they will always be by your side and try to help you in every difficult situation.

However, just like with every other zodiac sign, there are varying nuances with Virgos as well, while the 3 main types are described below. If you're a Virgo ascendant you also fit into one of these categories.

1. The one who plans everything


These types of Virgos love to control every single detail of their lives and that is why they're constantly planning the future. They try to be prepared and carefully think over every possible option before finally choosing the most reasonable. They try to foresee the development of events and avoid danger. These Virgos love to calculate their future steps and do not allow emotions to take hold over their common sense. But, this constant planning limits them quite a bit in terms of their thinking. They end up setting limits for themselves inadvertently and are afraid to break out of them because they fear nothing more than the unknown.

2. The one devoted to good health

These types of Virgos are constantly thinking about how to improve their quality of life. They look for ways to eat healthier, go on cleansing diets and are dedicated to an environmentally friendly way of life. You're not going to see them eating too much junk food or sodas because they stay clear of anything unhealthy. They try to keep their home clean and orderly, as they associate cleanliness and hygiene with good health. They are very pedantic on this issue and the people who live with them will find it difficult to please them.

3. The perfectionist in every aspect

These types of Virgos are completely dedicated to their profession and are constantly thinking about work. They have fairly high expectations of their coworkers and subordinates, which are in many cases undo-able. If they catch someone avoiding work, that person immediately loses their respect. They are very critical and no matter what you show them, they will spot the mistakes in your project. They rarely give praise, even to those closest to them, and just when you're done with one of the tasks they've given you, they bring out new requirements. With this type of person you'll find yourself working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while they will never be satisfied with your efforts.