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The 3 Types of Taurus you Can Encounter

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In astrology, representatives of the sign of Taurus are described as individuals strongly connected to nature and valuing beauty. But what are the different types of Taureans you can encounter? Find out below.

Taureans are ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love according to Roman mythology. As such, Taureans have a highly developed taste for aesthetics and are constantly seeking their soul mate.

But these qualities aren't clearly expressed in all Taureans. If you know representatives of this sign surely you've noticed that as similar as they are in some aspects, they differ just as much in others.

1. The home-loving one with excellent taste

This type of Taurus is kind who prefers home comfort to long nights out clubbing. Since they also possess a developed aesthetic taste, they make their home comfortable and beautiful. They furnish their home with high quality furniture and items only, turning it into a space where they can spend their time peacefully. These kinds of Taureans love to enjoy quiet evenings with a glass of wine, something tasty to eat and a good book.

2. The hopeless romantic


For this type of Taurus, love is the main element that drives their day. They are devoted to finding the right partner for themselves and when they do, they give in to a long relationship filled with romance. Taureans are admirers of candle-lit dinners and the sweet talk between 2 persons in love. They'll always seek security and stability in a relationship but are also ready to smother it in fantasies.

3. The hard worker

The 3rd type of Taurus is the kind that strives for financial stability. For this reason they work a lot and diligently. Money is their only stimulus for going to work; neither professional growth nor power can attract them quite like a lavish bank account. These Taureans are the most down-to-earth and practical, something that is often admired by their higher ups because they don't waste time and resources.