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Ways in Which the Angelite Stone can Help you

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The angelite stone is relatively new in the world of precious stones. It was discovered in 1987 in Peru. Usually, blue-grey angelite is used to make jewelry, although in nature it's found in all sorts of colors from white and grey to blue and violet.

Angelite is not a stone of any particular zodiac sign. It combats the fear of unrighteousness and lies. It unlocks the secrets of speech, giving voice to personal opinion and the truth we find within.

Angelite stands at odds with harshness and helps us become more compassionate. Plus it helps its owner accept the things that they have no control over.

Angelite is used to create a conscious connection with the angelic world through our vibrations. The stone is believed to be able to harmonize the connection between the physical body and the ethereal. When we're looking for the aid of guardian angels, it is this stone that can make our astral travels more tangible.

The precious stone acts as an equalizer in every aspect of our life. Its color is also of significance. It is accepted that every one of the blue and blue-green stones is linked with a certain form of communication. Turquoise angelite helps one achieve their goals and dreams, while blue-green helps reveal our deepest spiritual truths.

Angelite assists in achieving inner peace and harmony with ourselves. It focuses us in the highest aspects of heavenly light. The stone possesses the energy of Karuṇā - a manifestation of gentleness, mercy and compassion.


The precious stone angelite truly is magnificent, loaded with strength and energy. It helps for better telepathic communication.

For example, if 2 people decide they want to be connected but have to separate physically, both of them need to carry a piece of angelite with them. The stones, preprogrammed for this goal, will enhance the connection between you.

Besides everything else, like other precious stones, angelite too has healing properties. Its vibrations beneficially affect the upper part of the lungs.

It's used to treat sore throat and thyroid gland problems. The stone alleviates pain - both physical and psychological.

Since it calms, angelite is also used to treat anger. This emotion leads to isolation. The stone aids in improving communication with others, as well as with the inner self. It helps us to bring back our internal and external harmony.

No matter where it's placed, angelite ensures a protective field around the region. It's used to activate angelic harmony and cleanse our aura too.