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Unlock your Genius with a Pen and a Kitten!Unlock your Genius with a Pen and a Kitten!
01 June
This will boost your brain activity and help you get rid of the negative energy. No More Order - Let Chaos Reign The human brain is very receptive to impressions....
Retrograde Pluto Until October: a Dark Period of Wars and Changes!Retrograde Pluto Until October: a Dark Period of Wars and Changes!
24 Apr.
Pluto, thought small, stirs excitement and commotion. It's not the cause but the catalyst....
Locusta - History`s First Female Serial KillerLocusta - History`s First Female Serial Killer
20 Apr.
However, Britannicus thought that the wine seemed too hot and decided to add cold water, in which Locusta's poison had been mixed ahead of time....
The Legend of PrometheusThe Legend of Prometheus
14 Jan.
To make the clay come alive, Prometheus took the positive and negative feelings and gave them to them. The goddess of wisdom, Athena, gifted each of Prometheus's creations with a soul....
Numerology: Personal Number 5Numerology: Personal Number 5
28 July
Sometimes they are impatient, which in most cases has a negative effect on their contact with the people close to them. Persons with a personal number 5 are impulsive in their thoughts, as well as in their actions....
Your Horoscope for Today - July 15Your Horoscope for Today - July 15
15 July
Even if you don't get any useful aid, your friends and coworkers will distract you from negative thoughts....
Pisces Woman and Virgo Man Love CompatibilityPisces Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility
28 Feb.
And even though she may seem too slippery and unavailable, the female Pisces is ready to giver herself emotionally to the man who knows how to woo and win her....
Onyx - Meaning and PropertiesOnyx - Meaning and Properties
18 Sept.
As far back as ancient times, onyx was thought to have magical properties. In ancient Rome, for example, it was thought to be one of the most powerful amulets....
The Mystical Properties of FluoriteThe Mystical Properties of Fluorite
19 July
It calms the nerves, gets rid of negative emotions and the thoughts that make us closed off and depressed. The stone is used for meditation....
Why you Should Never Sleep Across from a MirrorWhy you Should Never Sleep Across from a Mirror
06 July
But have you ever thought about whether or not the positioning of this object matters? The mirror is not just a piece of glass in front of which you put your makeup in the morning....
Overcoming your fearsOvercoming your fears
26 June
Do not just look at fears as having only a negative side. They give you the opportunity to surmount yourselves, to learn something new and to improve your quality of life....
The 3 Types of Pisces you Can EncounterThe 3 Types of Pisces you Can Encounter
06 Mar.
Even the smallest negative remark can ruin them psychologically, while their anxieties and feeling of guilt constantly dog them. But they are highly reasonable and can easily get to the root of any problem....
Kabbalah recommends wearing red thread on your wristKabbalah recommends wearing red thread on your wrist
17 Sept.
Red thread is tied on the left hand, as it is believed that negative energy attack us from the left. Red thread is a barrier to negative energy and bad thoughts....
Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - May 31Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - May 31
31 May
Aries - Your habit of constantly showing off in front of your partner is having a negative effect on your relations....
Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man Love CompatibilityPisces Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility
08 Jan.
Even though to some she may not appear very smart, the thoughts and ideas that she comes up with are at a much higher level than what others notice at first glance....

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