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What to do to leave your past and rest with the future?

What to do to leave your past and rest with the future?

Why are we reincarnated?

A story of simple example to look at the light or reincarnation.

You have been sent on a very important mission, your boss has decided to send you on a five ear project to the other side of the world, leaving all your family and friends behind. You know the mission is for the unprivileged and those who have nothing, much the opposite of where your used to coming from from.

However volunteering at humanitarian organizing knew this would be your destination one day, given a list of goals, jobs and aimed achievements your on you way never to look back for five years.

From the moment you arrive in city of paucity your responsibilities take over you begin your five year project of hard grafting. Dividing your time efficiently is a must as each day you are given specific tasks and there is not so much time to do them all.

Before you know it your fives yeas have flown past and are you leaving to go home. You feel there was not enough time as there is still so much that needs to be done, never the less it is your time to go. However you have one more task yet to do before finally reuniting yourself with your loved ones. Firstly a full detailed report to the boss must be given with an appraisal of how your work has be reviewed over the last five years.

Regardless of some of the guilt you feel for sometimes laying in and leaving a hungry child alone at breakfast, and sometimes wasting money where it was not needed in general your job was good and goal achievements were high. You were happy with your work and at the same time sad it had finished., five years is along time in a place only to help others and forming strong bonds with those around you.

Finally you are left to be reunited with your family which was more emotional then you had ever imagined, but somehow you never felt all of you was reunited that day. Some part of you had been left behind in the paucity of the place you just worked for five years, from this it prevents you from fully reintegrating back into your old life. However you get call from your boss one day, telling you that your work has been completed, the groundwork you started has been finished by other volunteers like yourself. This gives you a sense of closure and finally you can rest at ease in the presence of your life from that day on!

Mission accomplished.