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The Mystery of Angelica Koten, Who Proved the Existence of Telekinesis

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The French girl Angelica Koten was the first documented case to prove the existence of telekinesis. At the age of 13, the girl unlocked her ability to pull and push away objects.

To this day, the scientific community still cannot explain Angelica's paranormal abilities, despite numerous investigations. All that was found was that her body had electrical capabilities, similar to some animals, earning her the alias "electric girl".

But the exact mechanism for this phenomenon remains unsolved.

Her story begins on January 15, 1846 in the French village of Buvoni. Angelica was born physically and mentally impaired and barely learned to speak. One day, she was knitting with 3 other girls.

When Angelica reached for one of her knits, placed on the oak table, the table shook and flipped over. This frightened the other girls and they ran screaming.

The following night, the same thing happened and she then understood that she could pull and push away objects in her immediate vicinity.

The locals immediately decided that this was an unclean energy and sent 13-year-old Angelica to a monastery to be exorcised.

But the priest they went to was well educated and he advised the girl's parents to go to a doctor because her abilities could be a sign of illness.

Doctors expressed strong interest toward Angelica and began studying her paranormal abilities. Experiments with the girl were always done in public in Mamers, France.

Seeing that their daughter's abilities brought significant public interest, Angelica's parents decided to reap financial profit and began traveling with her, making money off paid public appearances, which were always packed.

Medical tests, done by scientists from the Académie française, determined that Angelica's powers had highs and lows. They were most active in the morning - between 7 and 9 o'clock, and dwindled at night.

Further, her pulse was not rhythmic. While the lower pulse value was within normal range, the upper was 120 beats per minute, causing a slight tremor.

A year after the onset of the public's increased interest toward Angelica, she began to lose weight without any known cause. She kept losing weight drastically until her death, without anyone finding any real explanation for her demise.