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Easy Techniques for Cleansing the Aura


No matter how hard we try to avoid negative situations, some negative emotions that harm our aura do appear in us.

As such, it is of prime importance to get rid of these on occasion. The so-called "cleansing of the aura" helps us not only look good but also allows us to enjoy good health. Here are a few easy methods with which anyone can cleanse their aura, without necessarily needing any sort of special abilities.

- swimming - when we go into a swimming pool or sea/ocean, we cleanse our aura. Seawater is especially effective - thanks to its unique composition it successfully eradicates all those dark shadows that get in the way of our aura shining bright.

- a walk out in nature - by taking a walk in the woods or park, we make a connection with the Earth, which helps us deal with the negative energy. Gardening works the same way. This is why mystics so strongly advise us to care for flowers and grow our own fruits and vegetables.


- feeling the wind - let its gentle breeze caress you and swirl your hair around. This way, the negative energy will leave you and you'll once again feel free and happy.

- sunbathing - it also has an amazing effect on our aura. It helps us enhance our own energy production and its flow throughout the body is improved.

- creative activities - when we create something ourselves, we are filled with positive energy and creativity. All this helps us deal with our energy blockades more easily.

Cleansing our aura is something we should make a regular habit of. In the same way we care for our outer hygiene, so too must we care for our inner one. If we do not do this periodically, our spiritual body will become unclean, warn esoteric experts.