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How the Different Zodiac Signs Spend Money

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Even though financial status does not depend on the zodiac sign, each sign's relation to money can be determined through astrology.

Aries - Spends without a second thought

Representatives of the zodiac sign of Aries love spending money, buying new things, never even thinking about whether they will be able to pay their bills with their salary. Aries live for the moment, which can trick them into spending their last dime. Even though they are not among the signs that save the most, if there's something they greatly desire, they will have a tendency to save.

Taurus - The king of savers

Piggy bank

Taureans love money because of the peace of mind they provide. Representatives of this star sign love buying not only expensive, but also high quality items, which is why they tend to save a lot. Most Taureans have no problem saving money for things which to buy later.

Gemini - They spend without noticing it

Geminis have no discipline when it comes to money and are capable of blowing all of it in a single day, without even noticing it. Geminis refrain from asking for loans because they hate being dependent. However, their thoughtless attitude toward finances often puts them in such situations.

Cancer - They divide up their finances perfectly

Members of the sign of Cancer are skilled at perfectly dividing up their finances and rarely end up in a state of no money. Money is important to them and they keep a close eye on how they spend every single dollar. Cancers dislike lending money but at the same time they are always ready to make donations to those who need it.

Leo - Spends extravagantly

Leo enjoys blowing huge sums of cash on himself, as well as on those closest to him. Leos are infinitely generous and satisfy the whims of loved ones. They spend their money easily but are also kings when it comes to earning them.

Virgo - They compare prices before they spend

Virgos derive no pleasure from spending their money, which is why they don't do it. They compare prices carefully whenever they want to buy something, while impulse purchases are not typical for them. Virgos have a tendency to give out loans but won't leave you alone until you pay them back.


Libra - They cannot resist beautiful items

Libras are not of the signs that would easily waste their money but they cannot resist beautiful items, such as handbags, shoes, watches and phones, making it difficult to organize their budget. They do not like dealing with financial issues and are happy to pass on that responsibility to someone else.

Scorpio - Does not spend money on pointless things

Scorpios are not the type of people that love spending money on pointless things, such as cigarettes. But when it comes to something they find important, they may spend all of the money they have. This sign's strength is that they manage to come up with finances from the most unexpected of places.

Sagittarius - The biggest money wasters

Sagittarii are the biggest money wasters of all astrological signs. They fall into debt often, since spending money is a hobby for them. What helps them is their incredible luck, which magically saves them from unpleasant situations.

Capricorn - The stingiest zodiac sign

Capricorns' attitude toward money is more than wise and cautious. They strive never to live beyond their means and would rarely loan anyone money. Capricorns are the most tightfisted zodiac sign and would only loan money in emergencies.

No money

Aquarius - Caught up between 2 extremes

Representatives of Aquarius often end up in the 2 extremes regarding money. Their pockets are either full or completely empty. This zodiac sign is just not good at saving money and they prefer to get a money loan from a friend when they're in the red.

Pisces - They spend but also save

Pisces is the sign that manages to achieve the best control over its finances. Sometimes it looks as though they do not value their money, when they spend on various expensive items, but the truth is that they face no difficulties in saving those same large sums.