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Think of a Wish During the New Moon

Plamena M.Plamena M.
Full moon

The new moon begins today at 5:13 PM. On this day, everything you wish for will come true.

The new moon occurs on a different date each month. It is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It is this day that is thought to be perfect for specifying the goals for the coming month.

For thousands of years, the new moon has been thought of as a magical moment, in which every thought can be given material expression - both the positive, as well as the negative ones.

It is wise not to participate in any community activities on the day of the new moon. Focusing on yourself and your plans will help you make up for it later without a problem.

Usually it takes the moon 2 to 3 days before it appears again and begins waxing. Throughout this period, it is important to be observant and quietly gather information, which to analyze.

Lunar phases

Based on the conclusions made, you will be able to explain the objective reality of what's happening around you. It would also be good to get the opinions of others around you - this will be of benefit to you throughout the period.

The new moon is a phase for cleansing the soul and body. It is for this reason that numerous diets start beginning on this date. It's best to subject yourself to complete hunger on this day.

This way, the body will get rid of all accumulated toxins. If you repeat this activity once a month, this will be a kind of prophylactic for the body, which will protect it from chronic diseases and epidemics.

Cleansing yourself on a mental level, in turn, may free you of harmful habits and ingrained stereotypes. This is a spiritual day, dedicated to repentance, reconciling with yourself and others around you. You need to look deep within yourself and realize your own place, role and significance.

Moon and clouds

Radiate positive energy. The slowly waxing moon will give you the energy and strength to carry out your wishes.

There is a very simple practice which will assure that the wish you've made during the new moon comes true. It goes as follows: take a shower - a practice of washing away your problems, dissatisfaction and dread.

Purge yourself of all negative thoughts and get in a positive mindset. Find a quiet place of solitude. Decorate it with scented candles and flowers.

Grab a notebook and write down: I will put in all of my efforts to make my hopes and dreams in life come true. Then list all of your goals for the coming month, even those that are most easy to accomplish.

Also list those specific to your zodiac sign, activated by the new moon. All wishes and goals need to specific and clearly defined. Throughout the coming month, do not cross off the fulfilled wishes but build on them.

Those that you don't fulfill in the 1st month, will be fulfilled in the 2nd or 3rd month - consistency is what's important. Striving for the unreachable and actually achieving it fills one with happiness and pride.

The diary you keep will, with time, turn into the diary of your personal growth in life.