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Days Without Wealth are Coming! Here`s What you Must not do


The days of May 9 - 11 are a period which the ancient Chinese called "days without wealth". There are a number of strictly defined rules for these days which we are advised to follow, in order to spare ourselves serious headaches in the future.

In the days between May 9 - 11, we shouldn't make serious investments, large purchases or give out loans. We must not deal with any financial-related issues during these days because there is a risk of complicating our material status.

Try not to spend too much or at least live within your means because if you spend wastefully, it won't be easy for you to find the means for your most basic needs in the future.

The days without wealth are a period described in detail in eastern astrology. In China, they are considered days of extreme vulnerability, when the risk of financial disasters and poverty becomes highly tangible.


According to modern astrologers, however, there's no need to panic; we simply need to be a bit more penny-wise because the cosmic energy predisposes us to spending and a life of abundance.

The Moon will be traveling through Scorpio during this period, with the Full Moon occurring on May 10 for this month. The Sun and Pluto, on the other hand, are in an exact aspect, which places an exclamation point over our finances.

We have to be more cautious than ever when it comes to money. Avoid serious financial dealings and postpone shopping for better days.