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Secrets of sleepSecrets of sleep
28 Jan.
Some of us are trying to catch up with sleep at the weekend....
Sleep Disorders: narcolepsySleep Disorders: narcolepsy
27 Jan.
• Compliance with sleep mode, sleep and getting to sleep is always at the same time, including during the weekends....
Sleep Talking - SomniloquySleep Talking - Somniloquy
27 Jan.
Moreover, sometimes sleep talking can cause trouble to the partner who sleeps beside us....
Phases of sleepPhases of sleep
12 Dec.
There have been two main phases of sleep: Orthodox (slow) sleep and paradoxical (rapid) sleep....
Sleep Improves VocabularySleep Improves Vocabulary
26 June
It is believed that the process of remembering new words happens during slow-wave sleep, which occurs at the end of the sleep cycle. Learning new vocabulary consists of 4 main habits....
When the Zodiac Signs Get DepressedWhen the Zodiac Signs Get Depressed
18 Nov.
This helps them quickly shake off their negative thoughts and return to being the cheery and creative person they actually are....
Get to know your past livesGet to know your past lives
20 Sept.
The study of your past lives can help you understand a lot about our present life. The benefits of knowing that you are being reborn from are great. First, it greatly reduces your fear of death. If you know that you lived...
Practical Tips for Falling Asleep QuicklyPractical Tips for Falling Asleep Quickly
19 Nov.
Take a concoction of these in case you can't sleep due to stress or emotional tension....
Most popular sleep disturbancesMost popular sleep disturbances
18 July
According to the American Association for sleep, main reasons for this sleep disorder is constant stress and lack of enough sleep....
Tips for sound sleepTips for sound sleep
04 May
Perform body exercises in the evening before sleep. Massage the head, neck, forehead and near the temples. A massage will improve the irrigation of nerve cells and help you fall asleep quickly....
More sleep, smarter childrenMore sleep, smarter children
30 Mar.
Less than 6 hours of sleep reduces the child\'s intellectual level of 20-30%, scientists have calculated. Their conclusion is that kids have to go to bed on time and not hang with the adults at the table or watching TV....
Obese people sleep lessObese people sleep less
12 Feb.
Sleep peacefully and not worry about your weight!...
Sleep clears the brainSleep clears the brain
02 Feb.
Allowing the flies to sleep, showed the amount of these proteins decreased by 30-40 percent....
Russia is Progressing Quickly in Space TourismRussia is Progressing Quickly in Space Tourism
17 Dec.
The chief executive of KosmoKurs, Pavel Pushkin, has presented the new type of reusable space shuttle for tourist flights into space, which the company is developing. The private Russian company has been working on a...
Good Sleep Begins at MidnightGood Sleep Begins at Midnight
20 Aug.
The lack of quality sleep affects the entire body. People who have not had enough sleep are at a higher risk of viral infections such as cold or flu and develop various infections easier....

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