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How much sleep is essential for our health?

How much sleep is essential for our health?

A healthy 7- 8 hours sleep is essential for our health.

In early English history, it was condemned that criminals were deprived of sleep. Enforcement of insomnia was used as a form of execution by the Chinese and it is feared more than by corporal punishment. The undergoing always die in a state of madness.

Today we have long abandoned the rule of our grandfathers and grandmothers, to lie down and become hens. Modern man now lives so frantically busy, and often at night needs to keep awake with a bright light to stay in an active state. All fun and entertainment begin at night. Various nightclubs, restaurants and discos burn bright lights and release loud music. Cinemas entice one with films that incite to sex crimes and violence. Television, radio and compilations, everything seems to be used for stimulation.

Instead of going to bed for much needed sleep, the man is seeking for happiness and peace. And when one does want to sleep, one just takes a pill that keeps one awake or drink strong coffee, then in turn drinks poisoning alcohol to relax. Thus, modern man is constantly wearing the nervous system and all this has devastating effects on blood vessels and the heart. Lack of sufficient sleep may provoke early death and cause disease. Sleep is essential for life itself.

You can not have a strong heart, strong mind and a stable nervous system, if you do get enough good and relaxing sleep. It is more necessary than food. No one can abstain from sleep for several days without side effects. And how much sleep do we need?

Every individual is different. Some people need more sleep than others. Holders of greater vitality and a strong constitution, need less sleep, and vice versa. Most people need 7-8 hours sleep every night. Children and most women need from 9-10 hours of sleep. One American study found that students who sleep less, have less success. For them, the normal sleep should last 8-9 hours. And another thing, it is alleged that an hour before midnight is equal to two hours sleep after midnight. Older or sick and poor people can afford an afternoon nap and will reflect positively. However, a siesta is not needed for healthy people.