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How to Determine your Ascendant


The belief goes that the zodiac sign of a person influences and determines a person's nature to some degree. You've likely seen some truthful predictions about which kinds of people you get along with more and which ones less. Of course character plays an important role but one's zodiac sign is not to be underestimated.

But today we'll be talking about ascendant - it is just as important as the sign itself but a bit less popular. It is the sign that rose in the east when a person was born. The ascendant represents our behavior in front of others - the impression we leave in others. It also affects our outer appearance, behavior, presentation, style.

To determine your ascendant, besides the place and date of birth you need the exact hour during which you were born. These 3 factors dictate your character traits and complement your peculiarities, which you carry because of your sign.

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Here you'll also see specifics depending on whether your ascendant is an earth, water, air or a fire sign.

If your ascendant is an earth sign - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - you are confident in yourself but also cautious. Sometimes you appear shy because you're always guarded.

If your ascendant is a water sign - Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio - your middle name is sensitivity. You have a powerful intuition. You often prefer to hide in your shell and not show your emotions to others, to avoid being hurt.

If your ascendant is an air sign - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini - you're an independent and self-sufficient individual. You easily communicate with others and love being among friends. You're kind and caring toward others.


If your ascendant is a fire sign - Sagittarius, Aries, Leo - you're always in a positive mindset toward everyone and everything. You're full of energy, love being in the company of people. You're always ready for new challenges.

The zodiac and ascendant are part of a remarkably interesting branch of knowledge, which would definitely impress if you're into it and regularly read your horoscope. Of course, don't condemn someone if their sign isn't compatible with yours, just be cautious. Every person has their own character, thoughts and principles, give them a chance. Sometimes the horoscope is wrong after all.