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How to Balance the Doshas?

How to Balance the Doshas?

In Ayurveda vata, pitta and kapha are the three doshas or the three body types. These are basic energy substances, which make up our mortal body. They are associated with the five elements in nature.

According to Ayurveda, one or two of the doshas predominate in a person and in rarer cases all three are equally represented. The balance of the doshas is called the constitution. It is strictly individual and determines the healthy tonicity, nutrition and metabolism, healthy and unhealthy, life and aging, even the preferences and character of each individual.

Which dosha will be most strongly expressed is determined by birth, but the environment also has a great influence. The type of food, exercise or sedentary life, thoughts that move the consciousness, should be indicated here.

The balance of the doshas is of utmost importance for everyone, because it ensures the harmonious existence of the person. Being aware of the consequences of thoughts and actions means that the individual is able to ensure the most rhythmic and efficient work of his body.

In yoga various programs have been developed to balance a particular dosha or combination of doshas. Exercises are subject to variation, depending on what we need to work on.

To calm the dosha we must learn to avoid moving quickly from one position to another, as well as the more dynamic vanyasa yoga practices and do more pranayama - breathing exercises.

Those who, for example, have an excess of kapha dosha should choose poses that activate the inner fire and challenge their naturally resilient bodies. Contrary to the vata constitution, here the dynamics are fully allowed.

Balancing the doshas

Pitta dosha needs constant stretching and movement of the muscles, so aerial asanas are a good choice.

With combined constitutions, it is more complicated and there the specific cause of the imbalance of the doshas must be understood in order to master them successfully.

Those who are not aware of their constitution should seek advice from Ayurvedic therapists to choose their dosha balancing program as well as the appropriate diet for their dosha.