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How to Regenerate a Talisman?


The role of talismans is to attract positive energy, to neutralize the negative, to smooth out disharmony between energies, to help the body cope with various dangers, modeling a harmonious personality from its master.

During these actions, the talisman absorbs various negative energies, suffers various influences and this changes its own energy, which becomes polluted and weakens the positive action, which is its power. Therefore, every talisman needs cleansing and regeneration, which is the task of its owner.

How to regenerate a talisman?

The most accessible ways to cleanse a talisman are through the four elements - water, air, earth and fire.

- Cleansing by water is done by washing under running water, most often at the tap, but better if spring water can be used.

- Cleansing through the element of air is done by leaving the talisman outside, preferably tied to hang somewhere, so that it is exposed to the action of sunlight and moonlight.

Regenerating a Talisman

- Cleansing through the earth element is done by burying it in the ground for several days. If there is a risk of damage, it can be placed in salt instead of soil.

- Cleansing by fire is done with an open candle flame. The talisman must pass through the flame in a few seconds. For cleansing from foreign energies it is good to use the smoke of incense.

In order for the talisman to work, it needs to be charged. Both a new and a regenerated talismans need a reload. The best time to charge the item is during a New Moon. The environment must be conducive, clean and tidy to give way to good energies.

With a lit candle, which creates the feeling of an altar, the talisman is held in the hand. With full concentration, we can give it our individual energy. A request can be made for cosmic forces to activate the talisman. It is good to leave it for a while near the candle.

Once the candle is extinguished, the talisman is now charged and ready to work for its owner again.



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