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Magical Objects That Every Household Should HaveMagical Objects That Every Household Should Have
18 July
have negative consequences. That is why, if you have any such items in your home, it's best to get rid of them. At the same time, according to clairvoyants, there are magical objects which charge one's home with...
Beliefs about Broken ObjectsBeliefs about Broken Objects
27 Jan.
Broken objects always bring bad luck - this unifies all beliefs pertaining to usable items that have been broken. One of the oldest beliefs goes that if you break a mirror you will have 7 years of bad luck. It's...
Trees with Magical PropertiesTrees with Magical Properties
06 Oct.
realize that the trees composing the beautiful landscapes that charge us with positive emotions are much more than objects. According to some elderly witch doctors, trees have magical abilities which should not be...
The magical properties of goldThe magical properties of gold
30 Nov.
Gold, except as jewelry can also be used to attract good luck and treat diseases. Gold protects its owner from evil thoughts and jinxes. If you do not feel enough inner strength, regularly replace your gold jewelry as...
What Magical Properties Do Colors Possess?What Magical Properties Do Colors Possess?
13 Mar.
Since ancient times, certain human societies have had a special attitude toward colors. They were believed to possess magical properties that could heal the human body and soul, make dreams come true and make us...
The Unexpected Magical Properties of PearlsThe Unexpected Magical Properties of Pearls
23 Jan.
beliefs, pearls shouldn't be worn all the time to prevent from losing their magical properties. They need to be removed at night at least. Fans of occultic practices even recommend soaking them in cold water from time to time...
The Magical Powers of the Lotus FlowerThe Magical Powers of the Lotus Flower
21 Sept.
character will change. 5. The lotus builds a strong energetic field around itself. According to the esoterics, there is no black magic, curses and bad vibrations wherever the lotus leaf is....
10 Cats and Dogs of Magical Origin10 Cats and Dogs of Magical Origin
12 Apr.
Undoubtedly, pets magically mesmerize us with their mere presence. But some breeds of cats and dogs were literally thought to be of magical origin since ancient times. Learn about the 10 animals believed to have...
Black MagicBlack Magic
10 Oct.
is in the intentions of the magician who set the goals, not the color of the magic. Black magic itself is not necessarily worse than other spells. Fundamentally this magical color from the Spectrum refers to the power...
Juju MagicJuju Magic
15 Feb.
"to throw-throw", in the literal sense meaning the action the shamans perform when they invoke their magic - during the ritual they throw an amulet or object they have chosen between each other, in order to urge...
Arabic magicArabic magic
30 July
the text have. The person performing magic acts must be in a state of ritual purity. The most appropriate days of the week to perform magical rituals are considered Fridays. Magical actions require iterations between...
Magic lessonMagic lesson
03 Jan.
Hello, So i was dreaming bout this class with a strict teacher who was teaching like 6 students how to move objects with a power of our hands and mind. It was a really difficult lesson, but as i was focusing more, i...
These Magical Colors Make Wishes Come TrueThese Magical Colors Make Wishes Come True
18 Dec.
Have you heard of color therapy - the concept that we can heal our body and soul through the use of certain colors? Esoterics and ancient healers have said that every color has its own energy, which can affect our...
The Gifts of Fall Containing Magical PropertiesThe Gifts of Fall Containing Magical Properties
12 Sept.
we can use to protect ourselves from magic, evil spirits and to bring health and prosperity. You can see what these forest treasures are below. 1. Pine Cones Pine cones can serve as talismans. When placed in...
The Magical Properties of the BroomThe Magical Properties of the Broom
17 June
In the realm of magic, the broom is most often linked to witches. According to legends, they used their brooms to fly around on. This item truly does possess powerful magical properties. The broom is the symbol of...

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