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Magical Properties of Lavender you Would Have Never Suspected

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Lavender is one of the most aromatic and beautiful plants that nature has gifted us. But besides being a gentle and fragrant, it's exceptionally valuable and humans have used it since ancient times.

An old legend states that lavender first bloomed in the Garden of Eden. God himself gave the flower to Adam and Eve after they were kicked out of Heaven.

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Knowing how hard life on Earth would be, God was compassionate and gave them lavender to provide relief and joy to the mind and soul.

Today, lavender continues to be an inseparable part of human life due to its calming properties. It's used for for calming baths, inhalations and compresses.

It's used in the cosmetics industry and is used to make perfumes, oils, creams, shampoos, hair masks, gels for washing, soaps.

But that's not all. Lavender has magical properties that you should become familiar with.

1. Lavender protects against evil spirits and negative energy.

2. It brings luck and prosperity to the home.

3. It relaxes and clarifies the mind. It makes making the right decisions easier.

4. It improves sleep and protects against nightmares.


5. It fights stress and helps treat depressive disorders.

6. It relieves headaches and tension.

7. It boosts female energy and helps ladies become more attractive to men.

8. It helps the overall energy in the home and helps for faster healing from various diseases.

9. It attracts positive energy and makes the home a more comfortable place.

10. It attracts love to the lives of lonely hearts.