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How to Use the Magical Properties of Dishware

Christmas table

Setting the table with a particular set of dishware doesn't just bring finesse, style and a sense of comfort to your table, it also helps you enjoy harmony. Our ancestors believed that each of the items used while eating had its own innate magic. Happiness and love would accompany all those who knew how take advantage of this magic.

The shape of the dishes is of particular importance when it comes to their extraordinary properties. For example, round plates shield food from negative energy and help it retain its healthy properties. Square plates, on the other hand, help their owners be more decisive, confident and bold.

So, if you're timid, shy and nonconfident, you absolutely have to eat from these kinds of plates. But if you possess a more prickly personality, avoid using utensils with sharp edges because they'll provoke nervousness and irritability in you.

The color of the tableware also determines its magical influence on us. If suffering from cold hands and feet or lacking emotions on the love front, choose plates and cups that are red in color. If you're looking for honest relations, choose white plates and cups.

Holiday table

If you need creative inspiration and freedom, then orange and blue dishware is ideal. Green tableware is for those of you who often feel tired and need to recharge. If you find yourself lacking robustness, pick out brown or black dishware. Don't be afraid to experiment with cups and plates in several colors as well, mixing hues will help you balance your feelings.

When choosing dishware, you also need to keep the seasons in mind. During summer, when romantic relationships flourish along with all of nature, you need red utensils. Bet on pink and blue during the summer months.

Throughout fall, burgundy is the color that needs to dominate your dining table - it will make you wiser and more composed. Once winter comes around, choose dishware of darker colors, as these will help you store energy.