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The Gifts of Fall Containing Magical Properties

Pine Cones

As we get into autumn, the natural world around us transforms once again. Many fruits ripen, while the leaves of certain trees change color and begin to fall off, blanketing the ground with a multi-colored, enigmatic carpet that can't compare to any man-made work.

Besides being the perfect time for taking spellbinding photos with golden nuances, fall is ideal for energizing walks out in nature with the family. And while you're relishing in your outing in the woods, you can busy yourself with another little activity.

According to the followers of occult practices, the next few weeks are particularly suitable for gathering fall's gifts, which we can use to protect ourselves from magic, evil spirits and to bring health and prosperity. You can see what these forest treasures are below.

1. Pine Cones

Pine cones can serve as talismans. When placed in the home, they bring prosperity, luck, love and happiness to its inhabitants. They also ward off nightmares. If you give a pine cone as a gift to your friends, you would also be contributing to their well-being.


2. Chestnuts

It is believed that they cleanse the energy in the home and shield it from curses and ill-wishers. Their presence wards off depression and induces positive emotions in the home's inhabitants. Plus they bring good fortune in love and career, while also mending the relations of those in the house.

3. Acorns

Acorns protect against diseases and other ills. Always carry an acorn in your pocket or purse to protect yourself from ill fortune.

4. Rose Hips

The rose hip is known as the "Queen of the Herbs" due to its numerous healthy effects on the human body. Rose hips in the home, as well as the tea from these red fruits, reignite the dwindled passion in a couple and guarantee faithfulness. Our ancestors thought them to be a source of health, youth and beauty.