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The Unexpected Magical Properties of Pearls


Natural pearls are among the most beautiful and sought-after pieces of women's jewelry. Since ancient times it was believed that they possessed exceptional properties, which was why they were used in various cultures for rituals of love, well-being, health and luck.

- It is said that wearing pearls helps relieve kidney diseases, liver and digestive system problems. They treat depressive states, women-only problems, high blood pressure, eye diseases and have positive effects for those suffering memory loss.

- According to some folk beliefs, it's not just the pearls that have miraculous properties but the water in which they've soaked in overnight. This same water is claimed to tone facial skin and freshen the eyes, smooth out wrinkles and sharpen vision. It fights inflammation and has positive effects on bleeding gums.

- Pearls bring happiness, success in love and money to their female owner but a woman must never obtain them herself because the belief goes that they lose their power if she were to do so. It's best if they are given as a gift to her by someone close with positive feelings. In that case they would be charged with pure energy.

- It is believed that pearls in the bedroom help women who would like to become pregnant do so faster.


- Pearls at a wedding will bring the newlyweds a long and happy marriage and maintain their passion well into old age.

- If you're wearing natural pearls and they begin to change color, this could be a sign that you have a disease or have had black magic cast on you.

- Pearls are a symbol of beauty and power. When a woman owns pearls she should expect successes in her personal life, as well as growth in her career.

- According to some beliefs, pearls shouldn't be worn all the time to prevent from losing their magical properties. They need to be removed at night at least. Fans of occultic practices even recommend soaking them in cold water from time to time.


- Although incredibly beautiful, pearls aren't jewelry that's meant for every woman. Astrologers recommend them for representatives of Pisces, Aquarius and Cancer above all. For all the other zodiac signs, their presence isn't that positively influential.