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Which Magical Numbers Attract Money and Luck

Which Magical Numbers Attract Money and Luck

Numerology is a science of the power of numbers known and used since ancient times. There is also the concept of monetary numerology, which manifests itself in all cases involving shopping, financial transactions, and spending.

According to monetary numerology, numbers have a magical ability to attract money and thus become guardians of wealth. Coins in many cultures are talismans for bringing wealth and financial prosperity.

Numerology for attracting money is closely related to creating such financial talismans, and this practice began as far back as ancient China.

Magic numbers to attract money can work using simple rituals to attract money energy. They are not at all a difficult matter to work with, it is important to know the numbers with a stronger charge in the energy field of money and what each of them means in this sense. Besides the numbers 1 to 9, there are 10, 11 and 22, which are considered quite effective in rituals for attracting money and luck.

Magic Number One

One is a loss number. It is not good for a person to imagine amounts starting with 1 if they want to attract money. When writing an amount that is desired, it must have a leading digit other than one.

Magic Number Two

Two is also not a good number for this purpose because it is associated with poverty. Negotiating a salary starting with 2 will not bring financial prosperity, because then poverty will always be one step away.

Magic number Three

An ideal number to attract money is 3. Any number that begins with a three will bring good luck and financial benefits in the near and distant future. For saving, however, this number is not a good option, it is best to spend amounts starting with 3 on some needs.

Magic Number Four

The number 4 attracts money

Four is the number of financial stability. Together with 3 it creates an ideal combination that is the path to wealth and luck.

Magic number Five

This number symbolizes both risk and pleasure. It is for the risky players who, however, bet on the well-calculated risk. Surely the number will benefit them.

Magic Number Six

This is a typical money attraction number that the number player has in mind. Not a cosmic revenue number, but never a dead end financially.

Magic Number Seven

Seven is not one of the numbers that can be relied upon to attract money and ensure financial well-being.

Magic Number Eight

Eight is associated with infinity, so it is a number of enormous possibilities, which are practically limitless. For big financial hits, it's good to bet on 8.

Magic Number Nine

Numbers attract money and luck

This number attracts gifts. A specific amount for a gift is sometimes the number player's goal. Nine is the perfect choice in this case.

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