Beliefs about Broken Objects

Jana G.Jana G.
Broken items

Broken objects always bring bad luck - this unifies all beliefs pertaining to usable items that have been broken.

One of the oldest beliefs goes that if you break a mirror you will have 7 years of bad luck. It's considered an ill omen if you were looking at yourself in it before it broke, and even worse if you see yourself in one of the broken pieces.

It is thought that your twin self is found in the mirror, who you break into pieces by breaking the mirror.


In order to neutralize the bad luck that awaits you for the next 7 years, you must paint each one of the larger broken pieces with black paint or to wash them in the sink before throwing them out. This will nullify your chance of having misfortune for the years to come.

A mirror must be thrown out even if it is only cracked since it is bad luck to look into such. Each time you look into a cracked mirror you program your day in such a way that luck will avoid you.

Never use broken or cracked objects. If you are able to fix them, do it, if not - throw them away. Otherwise, you run the risk of not having any luck in love, nor work and to be left wondering why things work out for others but not for you. The reason might be the broken items that have piled up in your home.


The energy of such items becomes unbalanced and practically expels luck away from you. Do not wonder why things aren't working out if you drink coffee from a cracked or damaged cup every day and eat from cracked dishes, just because you would feel bad throwing them out.

Do not keep old broken clocks, since they attract misfortune to your home. A clock that does not work makes you stuck in one place, not allowing you to move forward, since it shows so-called "dead time".

If you truly love your old clock and cannot bear to throw it out, wrap it in a purple piece of cloth and keep it in a dark place. This will neutralize its negative impact on you.