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Easy Magical Tips with Which to Change your Life

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There are a number of simple, magical pieces of advice or to be more precise, rules, with which we can change our life. They can be applied to anyone's life and carrying them out does not require any kind of amazing abilities.

But their effect is beyond remarkable. You may have heard that water has memory, healing properties and can charge a person with positive or negative energy. If you keep your home in an uncomely manner, think about whether or not you need to focus more on hygiene.

Read on to discover the magical points of advice that are going to change your life for the better and how to achieve success and prosperity.


1. Take advantage of the magical properties of water

Water possesses the ability to take the negative energy away from our bodies and cleanse it. That's why it's prudent to take a shower at least once a day. It's also good to seek contact with water when we're feeling awful or tired. All we need to do is wash our eyes or simply set our gaze at running water.

2. Clean your home regularly and always pay special attention to the windows

Accumulating possessions and dirt in the home also leads to a buildup of negative energy. Cleaning often helps to get rid of it. Windows need to be cleaned quite thoroughly, as benign sunlight enters our home through them.

3. Use fire as your ally

According to clairvoyants, words uttered over a fire or candle materialize much faster and more easily. Therefore, if you have a deep desire, say it out loud over flame. However, you need to be careful with this method because if you wish to cause harm to another person with your plea, there's a danger of it backfiring and affecting you instead.

4. Don't carry a mirror with you


They say that mirrors have the ability to remember the bad moments. If you put one in your handbag and find yourself in an area where negative events are taking place, there's a danger of bringing them to your home later on. For this same reason, you should never share the same mirror with others. If this should happen, be sure to clean it with colloidal silver after others are done using it.

5. Create your own corner for reflection and relaxation

Pick out a corner of your home that's quiet and secluded. Furnish it with items that bring you joy and make you forget about the surrounding world. Recharge in it every time you feel that your energy has been exhausted.

6. Take care of more plants around you

This way you'll restore your lost link with nature and not just. Some plants are believed to bring love, harmony and monetary gain with them. Examples include myrtle, basil, clovers.

7. Be careful what words you utter

Words are exceptionally dangerous because once spoken, they materialize. However, negative words aimed toward someone can not only affect your enemy but can affect you as well. By saying positive things and having positive thoughts, we can help not only ourselves but others as well.