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The secret language of flowersThe secret language of flowers
29 Nov.
Flowers are a symbol of shared feelings, childhood innocence, freedom and beauty. Giving flowers can send a powerful message....
Legends of the Edelweiss FlowerLegends of the Edelweiss Flower
14 Sept.
In Italy, edelweiss is called a "silver rock flower". The Latin name of edelweiss Leontopodium means "lion's paw". Edelweiss is also the name for the flower of Prometheus....
The Magical Powers of the Lotus FlowerThe Magical Powers of the Lotus Flower
21 Sept.
It is said that the flower of light can completely change human life and expand our consciousness to many new heights. 1. The lotus is a flower that personifies female gentleness....
The Meaning of the Planets in AstrologyThe Meaning of the Planets in Astrology
06 Dec.
See below and find the meaning of the planets that will give you the clearest explanation for the current period you find yourself in. 1....
Meaning of the Ascendant in the HoroscopeMeaning of the Ascendant in the Horoscope
09 June
The ascendant determines the behavior of a person, just like the zodiac sign under which they were born. The ascendant provokes the reactions of each person to the world around them. Often, the ascendant is compared to...
Flowers in the Home Protect from CursesFlowers in the Home Protect from Curses
26 Sept.
If you are for some reason unable to cultivate plants, then try to more frequently place a vase with freshly-picked flowers in the middle of your home....
The meanings of birthmarksThe meanings of birthmarks
17 Sept.
Scars tell stories. They are what is left of the mistakes we made. They are what reminds us of places we've been and people we know. They also tell us that we can deal with what challenges lie before us. Many people are...
Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of the HeartPalmistry - Meaning of the Line of the Heart
23 Oct.
The line of the heart is an extremely important line of the hand. It is a horizontal line above the line of reasoning - located in the upper part of the palm, at the base of the fingers. The line symbolizes everything...
The meaning of the number 5 in numerologyThe meaning of the number 5 in numerology
06 Aug.
5 has a special meaning in numerology - the science of numbers. If your personal number is five, you will encounter many difficulties in life, but will achieve many successes....
The flowers have magical powers in love spellsThe flowers have magical powers in love spells
10 Oct.
Carry a small bag of geranium or pelargonium flowers to attract the attention of your loved ones. White flowered geraniums improve fertility, while red provide reliable protection from evil forces....
Meaning of Moles on the FaceMeaning of Moles on the Face
29 Apr.
There are different theories about their meaning. It is determined by their size and shape. Let's examine some of the meanings of moles on the face, that come to us from ancient times....
The meaning of moles in mytologyThe meaning of moles in mytology
08 July
But what if you do not know the meaning of moles, how can one correct or extend their deeds? It's like asking what would happen if you do not know the meaning of dark clouds in the sky....
Understanding the Meaning of our DreamsUnderstanding the Meaning of our Dreams
26 July
Generalising would not be the correct way to analyse, as they aid the common and not personal meaning of the dream....
Divination with FlowersDivination with Flowers
14 Oct.
Each flower has its own special qualities. For example, the daisy is suitable for love divination....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color GreySymbolism and Meaning of the Color Grey
25 Jan.
Plus, they bear a specific meaning. Colors are peculiar symbols that act as psychological catalysts and are used in numerous systems of influence....