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The Meaning of the Planets in Astrology

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Most folks know the position of their star sign because the Sun determines our zodiac sign but besides it astrology uses the other planets and the Moon to describe a person's complete character.

Every one of these celestial bodies, which astrology calls "planets", provides knowledge about a specific aspect or attitudes in our life. To interpret your natal chart to the fullest, you have to see in which sign and in which house each of the planets falls under.

See below and find the meaning of the planets that will give you the clearest explanation for the current period you find yourself in.

1. Sun

It shows us how we are going to express ourselves, which traits of our character we're proud of and which we're going to demonstrate to others. The position of the Sun reveals what gives us energy and charges our creative potential. In astrology, this planet also shows our active youth, the period during which we're filled with hopes and dreams about the future and are no longer under the guardianship of our parents.

2. Moon

The position of the Moon shows our emotional world, our initial reaction when we encounter life's events. The Moon reveals how sensitive we are and the instincts we wish to hide from others. It also describes the environment we grew up in, as well as our mother figure, which influenced our character. It shows us what our childhood was like.

3. Mercury

This planet shows us how we communicate with the surrounding environment, describing the life period from 12 to 18 years of age. Its position provides us information regarding the essence of thought and how to express it through speech. From here we see how much we are willing to share with others, how we seek information, logic and how concentrated we are.

4. Venus

This is the planet of love and partner relationships. In the man's natal chart it shows the partner of their dreams, while in the woman's natal chart it provides information about how she views love relationships and her behavior when she's in love. The planet encompasses the life period between 18-25 years of age. It also indicates what we'll see as beautiful and where we'll feel comfortable.

5. Mars

The position of the Red Planet demonstrates what activates us and gives us ambition, where we direct our efforts but also how we react in a given conflict and what our aggressive side can bring out to the fore. The sign and house this planet finds itself in indicates what would give us confidence, courage and in what environment we would feel like leaders. In a woman's natal chart it can also determine what kind of man they'll be attracted to. It encompasses the period between 40-50 years of age.

6. Jupiter

The planet describes our investigative side, how we build our moral and spiritual principles, how we'll be expanding our horizons. Its position will enable us to judge how much we'll travel outside the country and how we're going to get educated. It will show what the process of attaining wisdom will be like and what fields will bring us the most luck and financial gains. It encompasses the period between 50-60 years of age.

7. Saturn

The position of the planet shows our karma, limitations and the difficulties we're going to face in life. It also reveals what will make us disciplined and responsible, in order to deal with the problems one by one, so as to be truly proud of ourselves. It symbolizes the father figure. It can reveal our great fears, which we need to overcome. It encompasses the end of one's life.

8. Uranus

It illustrates in which aspects we're going to seek complete change and where we're going to be rebels, ready to break down old standards. Based on the sign and house it falls into, we can determine how and where we're going to express our unruly side. It indicates where new things will take us and how egocentric and original we're going to be.


9. Neptune

Neptune's position reveals what inspires our imagination and makes us dream when we're escaping from reality. The planet shows our ability to fantasize and create new worlds through the various forms of art. It also shows what we can become addicted to to lose touch with reality and what can make us feel like victims.

10. Pluto


The planet exhibits our most vulnerable sides and the fears which we try to hide from others at all costs. It is also the planet of death, revealing how we're going to leave this world. The position of Pluto provides information about our darkest passions and desires, where we wish we could have complete control and authority. This is the planet of transformation, that makes a person translate their dark secrets into something constructive.