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Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of the Heart


The line of the heart is an extremely important line of the hand. It is a horizontal line above the line of reasoning - located in the upper part of the palm, at the base of the fingers.

The line symbolizes everything that has to do with the heart, both physically and metaphorically. This is the line of emotions. It represents the attraction between both sexes for natural reasons. The line of the heart must be deep and bold.

- A line of the heart that begins between the thumb and index finger is the most favorable possible sign, showing a calm temperament. These types of people are more calm and quiet when it comes to passion.

- The line of the heart, which commences from the center of Jupiter, indicates a strongly expressed pride and pursuit of personal ideals. A man who has this type of line is strong, they can be counted on and trusted; he believes that the woman he chooses will be wonderful, noble and famous. This type of man has considerably fewer love relationships than a man whose line starts from Saturn.

- The line of the heart, originating from the Mount of Saturn is a sign of higher passion. Whenever this line begins from the high part of the Mount, the person is much more passionate and sensual.

- Whenever the line of the heart splits and one end is arranged on Jupiter, while the others are between the thumb and index finger, this is an indication of a calm nature with a profoundly wonderful fate; but if these ends extend so far, that one of them finds itself on Jupiter, while the other on Saturn - this illustrates a hesitant character and this type of person will not have happy marriage relations because of his temperament.

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