Curse of the route 666Curse of the route 666
01 Dec.
To break the curse on the highway, drivers have asked if the highway can have a new number. Scientists however, are convinced that changing the numbers would hardly mean expelling the highway of it's ghostly powers!...
Numerology: Curse of the QuartetNumerology: Curse of the Quartet
10 Sept.
Sinister things happen on the fourth day of each month! The sociologist at the University of California San Diego and his team came to this conclusion. They found that heart failure that happened on the 4th day of the...
Reincarnation of TutankhamunReincarnation of Tutankhamun
02 Nov.
The first person who identifies himself with Tutankamon, the Pharaoh who led his nation to the glory of God Athos....
The Curse of Being a Widow in IndiaThe Curse of Being a Widow in India
14 June
There's an old superstition in India, according to which if a woman becomes a widow she must throw herself into the same fire where the body of her deceased husband is burned, according to tradition. If she lives,...
The Frightful Mystery of 3 Cursed IslandsThe Frightful Mystery of 3 Cursed Islands
03 Aug.
Hawaiian Islands A heavy curse weighs heavily upon the ever popular Hawaiian Islands as well, known as Pele's Curse....
Spooky! The Cursed Items That Foment DisasterSpooky! The Cursed Items That Foment Disaster
24 Oct.
Tutankhamun's Tomb After its discovery in the 1st half of the 20th century, the scientists taking part in its analysis began going through hell. Ten of them even died....
Flowers in the Home Protect from CursesFlowers in the Home Protect from Curses
26 Sept.
Relish in them, talk to them and they'll protect you from curses and energy vampires, say experts of the occult. They recommend having a houseleek plant in every home....
Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!
21 June
Hematite breaks down the worst type of magic curses - blood magic curses - the kind that are passed down from generation to generation....
Tutankhamun died because of blood poisoningTutankhamun died because of blood poisoning
12 Sept.
Mummified remains of Tutankhamun were found by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922....
Tutankhamen revealed, died of malariaTutankhamen revealed, died of malaria
19 May
Tutankhamen had serious problems with his immune system because of numerous diseases....
Removing loneliness caused by a magic curseRemoving loneliness caused by a magic curse
25 Aug.
It is not necessary to think that loneliness is always caused by your enemies, who have used dark occult techniques. Often the person themselves cause their own loneliness with their actions and thoughts. There are also...
The Miraculous Effects of Silence! Find out Which Diseases it CuresThe Miraculous Effects of Silence! Find out Which Diseases it Cures
05 June
In fact it served as a tool which the ancients used to restore their inner balance, to charge with new energy and even cure certain diseases....
Aliens cure from leukemia?Aliens cure from leukemia?
20 Nov.
However, no medical undertaking her case was available to comment on whether Brandt was cured by medical assistance....
Curses - reality or a hoax?Curses - reality or a hoax?
26 June
Many people wonder there such a thing as a curse? Does it harm us or is it just another hoax. Increasingly we often hear complaints about this kind of damage, to other authority figures. But what is really a curse?...
Your Subconscious can cure youYour Subconscious can cure you
08 Jan.
This is due to the fact that sometimes the shaman can cure a man who could not be cured by the best doctors....