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The Macabre Secret of the Cave of Skeletons


An ominous cave, located not far from the mouth of the Khwae Yai River in the Thai province of Kanchanaburi, has for years on end been the subject of debate between scientists and made numerous people tremble in fear.

The mysterious formation became the subject of interest for the first time after the inexplicable disappearance of popular anthropologist David Vodle during his expedition more than 20 years ago.

After the scientist and his 2 colleagues vanished without a trace, the American Anthropological Association decides to send a search team led by Rob Clive and Perry Winston.

Following the route taken by David Vodle, the group approaches a series of hills, overgrown with vegetation, located in the middle of a wide plain. It is there, according to official data, that Vodle's tracks were lost.

The truth is that there are many legends pertaining to the mysterious region. Some of them go that the area is inhabited by a cannibalistic tribe, because of which very few people actually agree to undertake any kind of investigation in the region.

A significant clue in the investigation was found in Vodle's journal - a description of some kind of mystical cave, in which cannibals cast spells and conducted rituals.

It was this very cave that Rob Clive and Perry Winston decided to seek out, convinced that it had something to do with the disappearance of their colleagues.


While they were camping in the forest however, the very first night the anthropologists heard terrifying sounds, making it impossible for them to close their eyes even for a moment. The next day they discover that they had finally reached the cave they had been looking for but then came across something horrible.

With their own eyes they see the skeletons of the vanished anthropologists from the expedition before them. They identify them easily, since there were pieces of clothing and parts of their equipment around the remains.

Based on the evidence the scientists find on the skeletons, it became clear that they had died as the result of a violent death. Still, Rob Clive and Perry Winston wanted to see what was in the cave and went inside.

There they happened upon numerous human skeletons, scattered all over the lair. The skeletons had holes in their skulls and chests.

That night, the scientists made camp near the cave and once again heard the frightening noise as the previous night. When they entered the cave again the next day, they noticed that the skeletons were arranged in an entirely different way. Perry Winston and another of the scientists decided to hide near the entrance of the lair the next night and see what exactly was going on.

Once again, the horrific sounds would be heard during the night, and in the morning, Winston and the other anthropologist were found dead with holes, same as in all the other found skeletons. Upon seeing this, their remaining comrades became terrified and immediately fled from the area.