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Tombs of the last days of the Aztecs

Tombs of the last days of the Aztecs

The ancient tomb of the last days of the Aztec empire have been discovered by archaeologists as a destroyed Pyramid in central Mexico, the AP reported.

They found skeletons belonging to young people. They uncovered a total of 49 skeletons and were found in the Pyramid built in 1521. It is probably a place for the soldiers of Conquistador Fernando Cortes as the dead were buried in a Christian manner, with hands folded on the chest made.

Tombs of the last days of the Aztecs

Moreover, archaeologists have also discovered in the tomb items which could had been produced from Aztec, buttons and pieces of glass. Aztec Empire, existed in the period of XIII-XVI, and was the strongest in Central America and known for its wealth and their customs.

The Aztec Empire was stretched on the vast territory to the north central part of Mexico, the East, the Gulf of Mexico, Guatemala and west to the Pacific coast. The capital, Tenochtitlan was one of the largest cities in the world at that time.

The culture of Aztec is complex and their language, legends and traditions and today have a huge impact on lifestyle and culture of Mexico today. Tenochtitlan fell in 1521 after a three-month siege of the troops Cortes. City on the ruins of the Spanish conquerors built Mexico City, the center of New Spain.