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Reincarnation of Tutankhamun

Reincarnation of Tutankhamun

Years ago, when researching about with the theme of Rebirth, the Italian journalist, Manuela Pompas encountered interesting information.

Intrigued by two cases. The first person who identifies himself with Tutankamon, the Pharaoh who led his nation to the glory of God Athos. In the second case our memories lead to Neferet-Aton, the sister of Amenhotep IV in which he was secretly in love.

"I know many people will think my story seems the product of sick imagination, but I have enough evidence to confirm my allegations, " said 45-year-old Francesco Corona, the director of an elementary school in Milan. “From an early age I dreamed strange dreams. In them appeared priests and rulers, it all happened in places that later were discovered in Egypt. I'm sure Tutankamon is reborn in me. In school I was enchanted by the history of this country, its civilization and the art. Many people, especially one historian dealing with the ancient arts, told me that I have full physical resemblance to the Egyptians”.

Reincarnation of Tutankhamun

And Christina Dzhigante, “Egypt is a homecoming". Here's what she says: "One day my mother went to the cemetery to look for graves of the long dead king. On leaving as it too long to find him, we headed to the exit, where I suddenly stopped. I experienced unexplained forces within me that took me inside of the church. I went paralyzed and stopped at the gravestone of which a beam of sunlight fell upon. Then my mom and I saw that in front of us were the gravestones which we searched in vain for”.

Since then Christina started to dream about unexplained dreams and visions. She recognizes herself in the image of Neferet, one of the sisters of the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who was in love with her brother. Christina went to Egypt to be assured of a place in her visions.

She recognizes many places, particularly in upper Egypt, Luxor and Memphis, where she then lived as Christina Neferet-Athos.

An old Egyptian saying is: "If one remembers some places, it means that one must have lived in the past."