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Curse of the route 666

Curse of the route 666

In the U.S. state of Arizona there is a highway, which until recently was known as No. 666. For drivers it is a symbol of evil, as this particular highway has held a bad reputation for years.

The route is straight, without bends and has complex units, but it is constantly has become the number home for catastrophes. For many years, every month on that highway there has been at least 15 serious accidents.

Curse of the route 666

All data has been collected from a parapsychology scientist. He found that in all crashes in one way or another involved a black limousine from 1930 with a radiator depicting a skull and cross bones.

According to survivors of the many catastrophes it's drivers emerge into danger on the highway on moonless nights, during rain or dense fog.

The parapsychologyst asked travel services for the black limousine, but from there was informed that there is no such car registered. Therefore, it is known to drivers as the "black ghost."

To break the curse on the highway, drivers have asked if the highway can have a new number. Scientists however, are convinced that changing the numbers would hardly mean expelling the highway of it's ghostly powers!