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Numerology: Curse of the Quartet

Numerology: Curse of the Quartet

Sinister things happen on the fourth day of each month!

The sociologist at the University of California San Diego and his team came to this conclusion. They found that heart failure that happened on the 4th day of the month was higher by 7 per cent compared with other days.

Scientists also explain that the stress and fear caused by the word 'four' is increased as in multiple languages (Japanese, Cantonese dialect of Chinese and Mandarin dialect) this word means 'death'.

Numerology: Curse of the Quartet

From superstition to sinister significance of the word four, some hospitals in Japan have no fourth floor, no rooms numbered 4 and no fourth section.

Philip and his team have made reference to the causes of deaths to 200 thousand Japanese and Americans of Chinese descent and compared them with the causes of death of 47 thousands of Americans of European origin.

Higher than 7 per cent was the death on the fourth day of the month.

How do scientists explain this? Growing popular recently is the Law of Attraction. It is explained that the Law of Attraction is happening to us. Our thoughts and desires are sent to the universe and sooner or later it responds back sending us our wishes. However the Universe can not distinguish the difference between good or bad, happy or unhappy and therefore sends exactly what we think, in other words what we think comes back to us, to make us happy or even to frighten us.

In a nutshell, tragedy, fear and superstition on the fourth day brings bad luck, our fears can materialize into a tragedy.

There is medicine for fears including the fear of the number four and other misfortune. Simply send off dark thoughts, compulsive fears and concerns.

However remember that if you think about negative things that will inevitably attract them.