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Tutankhamen revealed, died of malaria

Tutankhamen Tomb

The great Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen was infected by the parasite plasmodium falciparum, which causes a deadly form of malaria and suffered from bone disease due to which he was bowlegged.

This showed through results of research of scientists from Egypt, Italy and Germany who were dedicated to the Pharaoh. It contradicts the perennial theories about his death, reports the AFP.

Researchers used the latest technologies and have made DNA analysis to establish Tutankhamen’s family tree. Computed tomography-base technology was also an aid to help researchers identify individual features of Tutankhamen and his ancestors.

The report of the study, led by the head of the Supreme Council of Ancient Egypt Zahi Hawass, noted that Tutankhamen and his predecessors had scarcely feminine facial features and physique, as previously thought and as most often portrayed.

The scientists analyzed DNA of 11 mummies, including the mummy of Tutankhamen himself and analyzed relations between them, the possible genetic abnormalities and infectious diseases.

Many researchers assumed that the cause of Tutankhamen’s death at age only 19 or in the tenth year of his administration – BA, may have been an accident. For example, falling from a chariot or impact of horse hoof, embolism, murder, poisoning, „noted the report.

Scientists say Tutankhamen was a weak man who could not walk without crutches due to bone disease. His left leg was not right and had some missing fingers of his right hand.

Tutankhamen had serious problems with his immune system because of numerous diseases. In such a situation he has experienced a fracture of the leg, which could, for example, been because he fell from a horse and then incurred an infection of malaria, the scientists suggest.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram the results of the DNA examination were ready half a year ago. Egyptian scholars, however, are to verify the results and are submitting them for confirmation in the USA by American specialists.