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Effects of the Different Phases of the Moon

Lunar Cycle

It's a fact that there are certain things influencing human behavior and emotions that are inexplicable. Or at least not everyone understands them. The horoscope, ascendant, moon phases... these are all things comprising an entire science, as well as things not everyone believes. We're going to try to convince you of the influence of higher powers, while you discover "coincidences" which may not be such at all. Let's focus on the unusual, beautiful, magical moon.

Even if you're not familiar you've undoubtedly heard of the moon phases and the various influences that they have on the body, behavior and emotions. Let's take a more detailed look.

First Phase: New Moon - the moon is located between the Sun and Earth and is hardly visible. This time is suitable for obtaining new good habits and dumping bad ones. It's a prime time for healing and conducting cosmetic procedures.


During a new moon it's good to establish contact with nature more often, to exercise, give in to relaxing activities, focus on achieving emotional balance and fighting pessimism. The phase affects men to a greater degree, more specifically their sensitivity. That is when the stronger sex is more prone to aggression, stress and depressive states, so watch out for that.

Full Moon

Second Phase: Waxing Moon - when you can see the right 1/2 of the Moon. This is a period suitable for cleansing the body. It's easier for the body to undergo diets. Excessive physical strain is not recommended. The period is not suitable for serious operations. During a 2nd moon phase the emotions are heightened, the soul is filled with joy and satisfaction. The body is charged with strength and energy.

Sky Moon

Third Phase: Full Moon - a complete influx of energy. Characteristic of this phase is a newfound desire for physical activity. There's a feeling of attraction toward the opposite sex, a striving for high adrenaline and extreme experiences. This may also explain why some people experience difficulties in falling asleep at night - the body simply feels full of energy and is unable to use it all up.

Fourth Phase: Waning Moon - the left 1/2 of the Moon is visible. During this period the upper and lower parts of the body are particularly sensitive. Feeling dizziness is possible. Everything must be done in moderation, without extremes.

During this phase it's best to part with old possessions, bad habits and relationships. This is also the last phase - energy decreases and a person may feel tired, exhausted, depressed. Emotions peak but not always in a positive way. The important thing is to focus only on the most important things for the moment.