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The Frightful Mystery of 3 Cursed Islands

Antonia R.Antonia R.

There are 3 infamous islands on our planet considered to be cursed since they are the subject of fearsome stories, which even today remain shrouded in mystery.

Amidst the beautiful beaches and heavenly peace of these unusual places, lies a dark and cursed history.

Langkawi Islands

The Langkawi Islands are also known as the "Islands of the Eagles". This tropical heaven is located in Malaysia and at first glance appears to be a wondrous place for rest and fun.

Behind the veil of white sands and crystal clear waters, there also lies a curse by a beautiful girl named Mahsuri, who was unjustly accused of a crime.


Mahsuri was married to the warrior Wan Darus. The girl was accused of adultery because after her husband went off to war, Mahsuri invited the young man Deraman to her home.

The wife of the warrior was attacked by women who claimed that she was cheating on her husband and was killed by them, stabbing her with a poniard.

While dying, Mahsuri cursed the Langkawi Islands, as well as their inhabitants, and it is believed that even today the curse has not been lifted.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island lies in proximity of the Croatian resort of Dubrovnik. It is said that anyone who visits the island suffers great misfortune and even death.


A curse has been plaguing the island ever since a Frenchman mocked the local monastery, a symbol of holy mercy and salvation.

The monastery on Lokrum Island was built after its inhabitants were miraculously saved from a great fire.

However, a newly arrived Frenchmen decided to use the holy temple for fun and threw out the monks from it. Having left the monastery, the monks damned the Croatian island.

Local legends state that anyone who spends 24 hours on Lokrum will be overtaken by horrendous misfortune.

Hawaiian Islands

A heavy curse weighs heavily upon the ever popular Hawaiian Islands as well, known as Pele's Curse. It is claimed that if anything is removed from the island, even sand, the person who took it will be cursed.

This curse owes its origins to the local deity Pele.