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How to deal with insomniaHow to deal with insomnia
19 Sept.
If you add oats to hot water instead of warm milk and sweeten them with honey, your sleep will be perfectly calm....
Anonymous Group - Modern Masked RevolutionariesAnonymous Group - Modern Masked Revolutionaries
26 Mar.
"You weren't born on this world to be a slave to people with power, " states the motto of the Anonymous community which has grown into a sort of modern social revolution, under the guise of a Guy Fawkes mask....
How to Charge Yourself with EnergyHow to Charge Yourself with Energy
10 May
Start your day with a glass of clean water and something tasty, but at the same time useful - fruit, vegetables, cheese. Try to replace coffee with green tea. Do gymnastics every morning....
How to Navigate with the StarsHow to Navigate with the Stars
20 Feb.
The easiest task for orientation with the stars to find out which direction is north. At night, it's easy. You only need to find the North Star in the sky. It will indicate north to within a degree....
Mossad Agents - Secretive Modern Day SpiesMossad Agents - Secretive Modern Day Spies
05 Feb.
Mossad or the "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations" is the Israeli intelligence agency and one of the largest modern day institutions for espionage and other secret operations....
The Identity of Jack the Ripper Has Been RevealedThe Identity of Jack the Ripper Has Been Revealed
11 Sept.
"Jack the Ripper" was the nickname given to the serial killer with a mysterious identity. He attacked his victims in the slums of England....
Modern-Day Symbols That Have Lost their Original MeaningModern-Day Symbols That Have Lost their Original Meaning
18 July
Modern-day symbols can sometimes tell us a lot more about a person or organization than dozens of words....
How to Interpret Dreams about Magic and WitchesHow to Interpret Dreams about Magic and Witches
07 Feb.
- If you see a witch casting magic in a dream, you're soon going to save yourself from a huge problem....
How the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife CrisisHow the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife Crisis
09 Mar.
Capricorn Iron individuals with an infallible will, during their crisis they turn completely spineless. During this period, Capricorn cannot and does not want to do anything....
Signs of sleep Apnea, and how to cope with itSigns of sleep Apnea, and how to cope with it
09 Jan.
This is because you are not familiar with the signs of this problem. Here you will find valuable information you need to know about sleep apnea. What is sleep apnea?...
How to Charge yourself with Positive Energy in an Urban SettingHow to Charge yourself with Positive Energy in an Urban Setting
08 May
Recall your most wonderful experiences there, your friends, games with your pet....
The Bell WitchThe Bell Witch
07 Jan.
Once a ghost story, that the spirit of an Indian unburied, sometimes introduced himself as Keith Beth - deceased local witch. Finally, the ghost was called the Bell Witch....
The Salem Witch TrialsThe Salem Witch Trials
05 Aug.
Noyes who started with a pathetic prayer. The questions began with Mr. Halthorne asking her why she afflicted the girls. Her response was that she did no such thing, so he went on to ask \'who would have been then?...
How to Hypnotize SomeoneHow to Hypnotize Someone
06 Jan.
In order to learn how to hypnotize people with a stare, you must perform special exercises, with which to train your power. You must train your look every day....
How cats heal peopleHow cats heal people
07 Oct.
They have an astonishing ability to quickly establish mental contact with the patient. The heat and the cat’s purrs work on calming the psyche of patients with neurological diseases ....