How to Interpret Every Room of our Home in our DreamsHow to Interpret Every Room of our Home in our Dreams
15 Dec.
Toilet Can be interpreted as a need to conceal emotions. There's something painful in your life, which you're trying to hide because you think that if you're found out you'll be hurt....
Science Proves That we can See and Hear our own DeathScience Proves That we can See and Hear our own Death
22 May
Thousands of people have shared accounts of how they have seen a white light at the brink of death, of seeing doctors fight to save their lives and even hearing themselves declared dead. As it turns out, these stories have...
How to Interpret Dreams about CrimesHow to Interpret Dreams about Crimes
19 Jan.
Dreams with violence of any kind are so distressing and horrific that they manage to embitter our mood not only during the dream itself but for waking hours after the experience....
How to Overcome our Own EgoHow to Overcome our Own Ego
18 Dec.
The ego is blamed for everything - from relationship breakups to the start of wars! Oftentimes, people don't even realize that they are led by it and that it's responsible to a great degree for ruining their lives. In school...
Dreams can predict future diseasesDreams can predict future diseases
12 Mar.
According to experts, we should not rely on such dreams. Famous psychiatrists devoted years to the study of dreams....
How Gemstones Affect our DreamsHow Gemstones Affect our Dreams
10 Apr.
Here are the gemstones capable of influencing our dreams. 1. Onyx Stirs the imagination and makes dreams brighter and filled with events. 2. Sapphire Stimulates spiritual awakening....
Dreams, messages from our subconsciousDreams, messages from our subconscious
13 Mar.
In dreams we meet ones character, who experiences the shape of our present times. It is therefore necessary to be able to interpret and understand them....
Do dreams affect our decisions?Do dreams affect our decisions?
05 Dec.
For example, many young people who dream a bad dream, for example, like a plane crash the night before the planned trip, are able to change their plans into effect seen in a sleepy state....
How to Control Our DreamsHow to Control Our Dreams
15 Apr.
When we dream we travel to a much different world. At first glance, our dreams seem completely real. We might dream that we are falling, that we are being chased or even experience erotic adventures....
How to Interpret Dreams about Magic and WitchesHow to Interpret Dreams about Magic and Witches
07 Feb.
Here's how to interpret various dreams in which magic spells are the main focus. - If you dream that you yourself are casting a spell, it means it's time you changed your opinion on certain issues....
Jewellery can block our energy flowJewellery can block our energy flow
09 Jan.
Jewelry is beautiful, but sometimes can harm people! Ancient eastern teachings and energy meridians in the body are recognized today even by hardened materialists. In every body there are internal and external radiation...
How to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our HandHow to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our Hand
28 Mar.
Palmistry is an ancient science, which can decipher human fate not only by the lines on our hand but also by the shape of our hand. The outer side of your hand (posterior) can accurately reveal your strengths and weaknesses...
Understanding the Meaning of our DreamsUnderstanding the Meaning of our Dreams
26 July
from the dreamer, and last why did the dreamer dream that particular dream....
Interpret your Dreams to Find out What Ails youInterpret your Dreams to Find out What Ails you
26 Jan.
If you dream that you're feasting on delicious food but are on a strict food diet in reality, the dream is a way for the subconscious to make up for what it's missing in reality....
What can we do with conscious dreams?What can we do with conscious dreams?
19 May
So although the dream realized in nature is only a dream because, there is no external event in the world in which we live, the sensations you can experience using dreams realized are very true and complete....

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