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Do dreams affect our decisions?

Do dreams affect our decisions?

Although differences in interpretation of dreams stand in various cultures around the world, they manage human behavior.

According to American psychologists from Carnegie Mellon University in United States, dreams can affect not only the domestic peace of the people, but also directly affect our behavior.

Doctors note that in different cultures the same dream may have different interpretations. But the issues that incite people to interpretations thoughts, give them psychological support and often have importance in decision making.

Do dreams affect our decisions?

Sociologists have conducted a survey among students from different countries: America, India and South Korea. The study has confirmed that dreams can customize certain personality and influence behavior when we are wake. For example, many young people who dream a bad dream, for example, like a plane crash the night before the planned trip, are able to change their plans into effect seen in a sleepy state.

Experts have concluded that large numbers of people, regardless of nationality, believe in the power of prophetic dreams, and that they predict future events. Most people think that dreams mean something in real life, even if their content is actually nothing to do with it.

According to experts, interpretation of dreams is not derived from superstition, but mainly from that enshrined in people having to worry about their future and that of loved ones.