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Psychological Methods with Which to Make our Own Luck

Antonia R.Antonia R.

There are countless rituals and objects believed to bring luck but psychologists from the University of London believe that we can bring about our own luck by following certain methods on a daily basis.

Experts' studies have come to the conclusion that there are 2 fundamental differences between the lucky and the unfortunate. First, lucky people realize that they have opportunities before them and second, they are initiative individuals who are not afraid to take risks.

The experts state that there are several tried methods by which we can bring about our own luck:

Attract opportunities

Luck finds those people who see doors before them. To have better chances of success, simply share with others what you desire. Imagine that you're looking for a job. The more people that know what you want the more likely it is for someone to give you an idea or flat out offer you a job.


Get rid of tension

Whenever you're worried and have a negative mindset, you won't have any luck, say psychologists. Relax and give yourself the freedom of choice, without worrying about others' opinions. Let chance come into your life because more often than not luck comes from the least expected places.

Communicate with others

Introverts have less chance for development than extroverts, according to psychological studies. That is why it's recommended to be more social since communication opens opportunities for prosperity.

Make plans

Luck follows your plans. This doesn't mean setting a deadline by which you must reach your goals but rather imagining yourself after a certain period of time - for example, in 5 years. Do this mental exercise often because it will help you stick to the goals important for you.

Take risks

Whenever you see an opportunity before you, always try. The fear of failure is the most common obstacle before luck. Always use the opportunities before you and even if you fail, keep on moving forward toward new opportunities.