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Dreams, messages from our subconscious

Dreams, messages from our subconscious

Scientists from Harvard claimed to have discovered that when you run into a difficult situation, you can find the most effective methods of getting out of it during sleep. The brain processes the information received and issues a decision in the form of a dream. This basically means that we can look at for a solution in our dreams.

Proverb "The morning is wiser than evening"

Simultaneously analyzing the situation, so to speak, the current problem in the brain carries out a total analysis of all available information relating to a future danger. Researchers say that this process triggers all areas of the brain, including the subconscious and intuition.

The decision could come at night during the so called. "consciously dreaming" in which events appear related to the waking life.

Meanwhile, Australian scientists have discovered that to get to sleep faster, it is necessary to accept a food at dinner with a higher hypoglycemic index.

Chinese scientists have even supporters of the diet containing vegetables, fish, turkey and rice, which are low calorie and a good influence on the nervous system.

Prior to sleep, you should do some affirmations such as:

"This evening i will sleep and i will remember my dream."

Many scientists have dreamed of their discoveries. They have devoted many hours of work to their inspiration and in trying to find a solution to a problem that when they sleep the solutions come upon them in the form of a dream.

Albert Einstein dreamed to cast a light on the beam and then discovered the theory of relativity. James Watson, discoverer of DNA for many years was trying to discover the mysterious structure of the DNA molecule, until one night he dreamed of two intertwined snakes. He wakes up and realizes at once that this is exactly the model of the DNA double helix. Later the genetic code brings him the Nobel Prize.

In dreams we meet ones character, who experiences the shape of our present times. It is therefore necessary to be able to interpret and understand them. They are non-verbal messages from our subconscious that is sent to us to in order to be able to help ourselves.