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How to Interpret Every Room of our Home in our Dreams

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A home in your dream is a clear window into your own notion of the different aspects of your life. In a dream, each room has its own meaning and shows how you see particular aspects of your life.


It symbolizes intimacy, sexual relationships and that which you keep secret from others. That is why in our bedroom we only dream of people we closely trust, people we have a sexual relationship with or would like to have.

If you dream of the bedroom from your childhood, it means that you're keeping something that happened to you as a child a deep secret.


It's a symbol of our need to cleanse ourselves, to free ourselves from everything that weighs down on us. If you dream that you're showering it means that lately you've been feeling physically and psychologically worn out and need to release your nervous tension.

If you dream that you're unable to find a bath, it symbolizes that it'll be hard for you to find the solution to a certain problem or that something will prevent you from expressing your emotions.

A dream where you're in a public shower and there's people around you indicates that you have need of solitude because you are surrounded by way too many people. It's possible that you put others' needs before your own.



Can be interpreted as a need to conceal emotions. There's something painful in your life, which you're trying to hide because you think that if you're found out you'll be hurt.

A dream where you're in the toilet room, however, signifies that you have the need to voice these emotions.

If you dream that you're cleaning the toilet it means that you'll take down the walls you've been using to hide from others. Dreams of a clogged toilet mean that you're experiencing powerful feelings which you're trying to ignore in real life.

Living Room

The living room in a dream is the borderline you place between your social and personal life. The people you dream that are in your living room are in reality walking the fine line between being truly close and simply being acquaintances.


Symbolizes care, comfort and family coziness. If you dream that you're cooking in the kitchen it means you need someone to take a little care of you. If someone else is cooking in your kitchen, this is a symbol of change.