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The nature of the blood typesThe nature of the blood types
09 Dec.
Your character can be defined not only by a star sign, but also the blood type of a person. Blood groups may even predict the success of certain people. People who have an 0 blood group as a whole are purposeful, sociable...
The history of the Sumerian civilizationThe history of the Sumerian civilization
08 Dec.
This culture emerged out of nowhere, and now we can not say a lot about the Sumerians. The Sumerian civilization discovered many valuable inventions for the world. The inventions of the Sumerians include writing, agricultural...
The symbol of the winged sunThe symbol of the winged sun
07 Dec.
The winged sun is found in ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Hittite, Persia, South American and even Australia with much symbolism and many of its variations. During the Victorian times, the image of the winged...
The history of Peter the GreatThe history of Peter the Great
22 Sept.
Peter Alekseevich was the only son of the second marriage of Tsar Alexei Romanov. From his first marriage Tsar Alexei had 13 children, but only Fedor and Ivan outlived him. After Fyodor III died, the two wives of Tsar Alexei...
The mystery of the stone orbsThe mystery of the stone orbs
23 July
In 1930, after preparing the field for banana plantation, the first stone spheres were found - this is one of the strangest archaeological mysteries that have not been solved until today. Most are made of hard igneous rocks...
The underwater pyramids in the BahamasThe underwater pyramids in the Bahamas
23 July
At the very bottom of the seas and oceans, underwater pyramids have been found. These pyramids are located in different corners of the planet are made of the same material - from very thick glass, or a material similar to...
The Mystery of the Imperishable SaintsThe Mystery of the Imperishable Saints
27 Mar.
Many churches around the world keep the dead bodies of pious people, untouched by time. According to the laws of nature, after death the body decomposes, and of it remains only a skeleton. But! This process does not apply...
The legend of the Tambora VolcanoThe legend of the Tambora Volcano
24 Mar.
On April 5, 1815 - the Tambora volcano, located in Indonesia became active. It began spewing lava with great force, the largest eruption in history. Many people living near the volcano lost their lives. Tambora threw so much...
The secret of the living deadThe secret of the living dead
12 Feb.
\"The man was lying, without evident signs of life. Around him were naked black people. An old black man with a bracelet of ivory shouted something. On checking whether this man was truly dead, no heartbeat or reaction of...
The Legend of the Zodiac SignsThe Legend of the Zodiac Signs
13 Oct.
There exist several legends pertaining to the zodiac signs. One of these, an old tale, explains why representatives of a certain star sign possess certain qualities, while others do not. According to the legend published...
The Legend of the Sinister HitchhikerThe Legend of the Sinister Hitchhiker
20 Aug.
Tales of mysterious hitchhikers have been told for years in the folklore of many countries around the world. The ghost of a young woman causes drivers' hair to stand on end along remote roads. The woman is usually dressed...
The Mystery of the Virgin MothersThe Mystery of the Virgin Mothers
05 Aug.
Statistics show that 1 out of every 200 young women in the US claims that her pregnancy is inexplicable, since she is still a virgin. This has puzzled reproductive problem researchers and has given mystery lovers something...
How Long Does Light Travel from the Sun to the Earth?How Long Does Light Travel from the Sun to the Earth?
20 Oct.
Many might believe that light travels instantly but this is not so. The speed of light in a vacuum is a physical constant (i.e. it does not change), which plays an exceptionally important role in physics. Light and other...
The Biggest Cities in the World from the Beginning Until TodayThe Biggest Cities in the World from the Beginning Until Today
03 June
Hands down, the largest city in the world today is Tokyo, with its population of 33 million, although just 10 years ago Mexico City and New York competed for the very same crown. Nothing lasts forever. The dynamic...
The Year 2016 is the Year of the Red Fire MonkeyThe Year 2016 is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey
04 Jan.
According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 falls under the patronage of the red fire monkey, which will bring tons of energy, activity and fun. Once the year of the red fire monkey goes into full swing don't try to plan events...

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