Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Taurus
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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Taurus


The year of the wood goat does not bode well for Taureans when it comes to love. Those of them who have been in a long-term relationship for years will have to give their partner greater independence and prove that they trust them completely. Otherwise, it is quite possible for a tense atmosphere to arise at home.

Single representatives of the sign will change their relationship status in the 1st half of the year. The year of the wood goat will encourage the reckless wasteful spending of Taurus, so be careful.

Since it is in their nature, they will try to spoil the object of their affection in all kinds of ways - expensive vacations, extravagant dinners and astonishing gifts.

Individuals born under this sign are not immune to falling into debt that they would then be paying off a long time. Further, there is a high possibility for the love to disappear when the crazy money spending stops.

Therefore, in order to be sure of the sincere feelings of the person by their side, Taureans need to distribute their finances very carefully.

In the middle of the year, some of the single Taureans will be faced with a difficult choice - to give a 2nd chance to an old love or to stay single.


The wood goat advises representatives of this sign to showcase more character so that they don't look so naive in the eyes of others.

This does not necessarily mean getting into conflicts but simply defending their positions with an iron fist, and to make prudent compromises when required. If you manage to reach this balance, 2015 promises to make you a magnet for the opposite sex.

Regardless of whether you're married or are looking for a short-term fling, your charm will conquer all. Flirting at the workplace is also possible but take caution for you may not notice when you have crossed the border of decency.

Taureans that are in a relationship will ignite the flames of passion and discover new love horizons with their partner. The wintertime will be characterized by peace and a romantic mood.

The wood goat has prepared a huge surprise in the summer for those most active - a new member of the family.



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