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What are the Most Superstitious Zodiac Signs in the Horoscope?

Mona KaloMona Kalo
Superstitions and zodiac signs

Everyone becomes superstitious when it comes to an important step, upcoming change or desire for a life change. Signs can appear all around us.

The point is to be able to read them correctly. Here are the signs that are strongly influenced by superstition and keep searching for hidden meaning in every step:


On a scale of 1 to 10, Taurus definitely leans towards a ten. Life in harmony for them is possible only if good omens are everywhere along the way. Whether it's throwing salt, tingling limbs, or a black cat, Taurus keep a keen eye for signs and often resort to amulets and small personal rituals. This way they are sure that success will be on their side.


The representatives of this zodiac sign are quite superstitious, but the interesting thing about them is that their tendency is deeply hidden behind layers of artistry and emotionality.

Cancers manage to skillfully hide their superstitions, but those who know them know very well what they are all about. They are always careful when making decisions and announcing new ventures. Only when they are sure of the success of the new business, are they ready to announce it publicly.


Leo is among the most superstitious signs

Unlike Cancers, Leos do not hide their excessive superstition. They are known for their self-confidence and self-love, so such "symptoms" do not bother them.

Being outspoken individualists, the "Jungle Lords" have devised little tricks to attract good fortune while banishing even the slightest signs of bad omen.


There are no two opinions here and there is no cover-up. The simple truth is that Scorpios are one of the most superstitious zodiac signs.

Their tendency to adhere to certain rituals combined with their innate intuition can prove to be an explosive combination. However, the important thing is that all this helps them to lead a life devoid of surprises and adversities.


These incorrigible romantics, unable to take off their rose-colored glasses for a moment are proverbial for their belief in the supernatural.

Superstitions are just a small part of the extravagant notions of Pisces. They are the kind of people who always start on the right foot, wear a red thread on their left wrist and are able to think of something every night at exactly 12:00.


They are known for forever weighing all options, hesitating and being engrossed in details. Moreover, they always prefer to play it safe. That's why having a back-up plan gives them the peace of mind to act carefully but decisively.

Superstition is just such an "option B". Believing that "things work out for them on the third try" or "this shirt brings them luck" helps Libras to live fully and in harmony with those around them.