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The Smallest Bible in the World is 0.04 Square mm

Nano Bible

The tiniest Bible in the world was presented during a special ceremony in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. The book is just 0.04 square mm but contains an entire 1 200 000 symbols.

The size of the Bible is approximately the same as the eye of a needle. To make this super small edition, its creators used a silicon chip onto which, using an ion beam, they engraved all of the symbols which were gilded by galvanization.

The language in the Christian holy book is Hebrew. The "nano Bible", as its creators call it, is on display in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in honor of its 50th anniversary.

Museum management even offers its visitors the opportunity to read from the edition. To do this they have placed a special microscope by the glass where the nano book is being displayed. Another extra for visitors is a special 3-D film explaining how it was created.

This high-tech readable Old Testament is located within the book wing - where the Israel Museum keeps the sacred Dead Sea Scrolls - the oldest examples of biblical texts ever found.

The nano Bible is made by a company created for this sole purpose, called Jerusalem Nano Bibles. Creators of the nano Bible had worked on the project for 2 years. They offer 2 versions of the holy text - for Christians and for Jews.

In the New Testament, made for followers of Christ, they include the 27 books written in Greek. The Old Testament or Tanakh contains 24 books, including the Torah, written in ancient Hebrew.

The miniscule book can be mounted on precious metals and jewelry such as pendants, watches, bracelets and medallions, enabling the wearer to carry God's word wherever they go.

"With our technology, the word of God and peace can be with you at all times, " stated Isaac Horowitz, a member of the team that created the nano bible.