Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Cancer
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Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Cancer


For those born under the sign of Cancer, the year of the wood goat will be peaceful but very interesting in the love aspect. Single representatives of the sign will manage to get out of their shy shell and be more persistent in their relationships with the opposite sex.

This will lead to significant interest in their personality and they will win over many admirers. Despite this, a significant portion of their dates will end with sex only, which has the possibility of greatly disappointing the sensitive Cancer.

For Cancers in a relationship, the wood goat has a peaceful year in store, loaded with many positive emotions. The majority of them will swear eternal loyalty to the person by their side while others will reach a new level in their relations with their partner, which may even lead to them living under one roof.

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Of course, even though they are the stay-at-home type, Cancers will have to overcome some obstacles. Around the middle of the year, their intimate relations will be faced with important choices, which won't be solved without the necessary compromises.

Financial problems may arise, as well as arguments having to do with the kids. If they are unable to decide fast enough, the wood goat advises representatives of this sign to take a short break to remain alone with their thoughts. Only then will they be able to distance themselves from their emotionality and come to the best decisions.

The second half of 2015 portends of days a bit more peaceful. The only thing the persons born under this sign need to watch out for is their own suspiciousness and envy. Small disputes and contradictions are possible, related to these misgivings.

Even if they find themselves in a casual relationship, the sensitive Cancers will try to be a living, breathing lie detector, which will severely bother their partner. The more their feelings intensify, the more their uncertainty grows as well.

The wood goat forewarns them to be cautious in their accusations and insults because they risk sparking the other person's wrath. And, Cancers themselves are not perfect by any means, they are adept at maintaining their own dark secrets, therefore there is no need to pass on their pangs of guilt onto their partner.