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Signs That Indicate your Guardian Angel is Nearby


The angels that care for us very often leave signs behind. But not everyone picks up on these, as few are aware of the nature of these divine beings. However, if we become familiar with the ways in which they operate, we can read the signs that reveal their presence around us. Here are the angelic signs we should keep an eye open for throughout the day:

A drastic change in temperature

If you're outside on a cool day and suddenly feel a strange warmth, know that your guardian angel is somewhere close. Their presence can not only warm you but make you feel an unwarranted sense of happiness.

An unusual smell

Surely you've noticed a pleasant, mysterious fragrance around yourself at least once, the source of which you could never explain. It's highly likely that your guardian angel is the culprit. Angels love attracting the attention of people via unusual smells.



If you find yourself in an urban setting or there's no feathered animals around you of any kind but your eyes still glimpse a white feather, this is definitely an angelic sign. Through it your guardian angel is trying to tell you that they are looking over you and supporting you, no matter what hardships appear in your life.

A strange light

If you find yourself in a dark room and then a light or shadow suddenly appears, don't worry. It's most likely just your guardian angel being nearby at that very moment, trying to give you some kind of sign. He may also appear because you yourself have summoned him.

Unexplained voices

If you hear a quiet voice while there's no one around you, there's no need to fear or think that you're going crazy. The words spoken are coming from your guardian angel, who is trying to guide you in some way. Sometimes you may not even hear a voice but simply have a certain thought occur to you unexpectedly, which our guardian angel is sending to help you.


A rainbow

Have you ever happened upon a rainbow at a moment when it would seem least probable? If so, rest assured that this is some kind of angelic intervention. The divine messengers use the colors whenever they wish to impart certain signs to people.